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3.10.14 5 Questions with SIB Medical Technologies

SIB Medical Technologies is developing a safe, simple and convenient stool sample collection device. The company graduated from our summer 2013 DTX Launch Detroit program.
What’s your business?
We are a developing a stool sample collection and a DNA/RNA preservation device that is safe, simple and convenient for patients to use at home. Stool samples are vital for gastrointestinal illnesses, bacteria and parasite testing, as well as cancer screening (specifically colorectal cancer). Our device aims to not only embrace the future of medicine for personalized healthcare, but potentially save lives.
Why are you proud of it?
We are proud of SIB Medical Technologies because we are working on a simple solution to a simple problem: Why not combine the sample collection and mixing of toxic preservatives steps into one step? Not only would this make it more convenient for the patient, but also safer. Working on cancer treatments and cures is very important, but is also super costly and time consuming. So, we are working on the overlooked factor confirmed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that is known to save lives before cancer even occurs: prevention.
What’s your best advice for a fellow entrepreneur?
Besides actually going out there and talking to customers, my best advice would be to listen to potential customers and adapt quickly. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs are too concerned with what they think is the best service or product and are hooked on iterating it as much as possible. Eventually, they receive feedback from potential customers but do nothing with the new information. It’s vital to do both: listen to what the customers want, and adapt your product or service while taking the customer’s desires and expectations into account.
What local entrepreneur do you look up to and why?
With the many amazing entrepreneurs in Detroit it’s definitely hard to name just one. For me, Dan Gilbert’s vision, position and influence to be able to make things happen stands out the most. His passion goes hand-in-hand with Detroit’s revitalization and fostering the entrepreneurial community.
What do you do when you need a mental break?
A mental break for me would easily be sleeping. There are just not enough hours in a day and too much work to do. While I enjoy playing basketball or reading up on the latest advances in technology or medicine, nothing is as refreshing as sleep at the end of the day.