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8.11.15Following Your Passion: Detroit Fiber Works

Mandisa Smith of Detroit Fiber Works is a Detroit native artist whose vision has brought an incredible corps of local artists together under one roof. DFW hosts classes, exhibitions, and events on top of being a working studio and boutique within the University District on Livernois.…

6.4.15A Conversation with Love. Travels. Imports. – SWOT City

Love. Travels. Imports. is making great strides in the city by connecting Detroiters to amazing, handmade pieces created by fair trade artisans from around the world. Founded by Yvette Jenkins in 2013, the shop has operated as a pop-up and online marketplace, spending time most recently in the Grandmont Rosedale  neighborhood at the Grand River WorkPlace Retail Shop .…

5.22.15A crazy, perfect idea

by Ned Staebler It’s been a busy two months since I became CEO of TechTown, succeeding the indomitable Leslie Lynn Smith. And in this time, there is one refrain I have heard more than any other: “Are you crazy?” Not because this isn’t a great gig, mind you.…

5.6.15Hacking Health in the Name of International Collaboration

By Joanna Dueweke Day One Immediately as the event began on Friday afternoon, TechTown was filled with the hum of excited developers, designers, healthcare professionals, business-minds, and volunteers. They were all gathered in this place, together, because they are believers in making a difference in human lives.…

5.6.15When Students Hack Healthcare with a Hospital Magic Happens

During the pitches on the first night of Hacking Health – Windsor Detroit, a silence and awe fell over the room when several high school girls took to the microphone and delivered a well-honed one minute pitch. They talked about a need to track their mental health as teens in order to better communicate with their “circle of care” for better diagnosis, understanding, and overall well-being.…

4.9.15TechTown Detroit goes to Tunisia

Last month, Paul Riser represented TechTown in a Detroit Delegation for the Tunisia Investment and Entrepreneurship Conference in Tunis, Tunisia. As one might imagine, he’s been hearing a lot of the same questions since his return, so we thought we’d organize his thoughts into a overview of the trip coupled with a brief interlude on what connecting to North Africa means for Detroit.…

4.7.156 Ways to Participate in Hacking Health – Windsor Detroit

by Joanna Dueweke Do you want to make an impact on today’s healthcare challenges? Perhaps you want to put your innovative ideas to good use, or you want to witness what happens when people truly collaborate. The “Hacking Health” Hackathon event is unique in so many ways, it’s an opportunity to bring together IT and healthcare professionals from two different countries and multiple backgrounds to dream up and design apps for patient-centric care.…

8.21.14Do what you love, and do so gracefully and with purpose

However, when we spend our time doing work that brings us deep and abiding satisfaction, we will do it longer and better. The lines between work and play will blur, and the life we build will be the best one we can imagine.

8.21.145 Questions with Pat and Joe of AiirShare

Pat and Joe recently graduated from the DTX Launch Detroit program -- a 10-week program geared toward college students and recent grads looking to work on a tech entrepreneurial idea. Read about their experience in the program and learn a very valuable camping tip!

6.19.145 questions with Darlene of Just a Bit Eclectic

Darlene, founder and owner of Just a Bit Eclectic, a TechTown Detroit SWOT City client company in Grandmont Rosedale, explains what her company does and tells entrepreneurs why they should "Do you."