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DTX Grads

Current companies founded by DTX grads include:

Class of 2013

MyFab5, LLC –

MyFab5 is a social recommendations and marketing company targeting the local food & beverage industry. MyFab5 is redefining digital media and marketing with its crowdsourced content and influencer marketing network. Content published by MyFab5 reaches over 500k food enthusiasts a month, and content published by MyFab5’s hyperlocal influencer network reaches over 13M food enthusiasts a month. Businesses targeting hyperlocal audiences turn to MyFab5 for marketing services powered by our social content marketing technology and influencer network.

Class of 2014

dtx_grad_cityinsightCityInsight, LLC –

CityInsight partners with municipal governments to develop agile web mobile applications, enabling them to better communicate with their constituents and streamline their operations. CityInsight’s first product is CityWater™, an app and website that enables residents to track water usage in real time, easily access billing information, and receive mobile customer support. CityInsight’s first customer is the City of Detroit’s Water and Sewage Department and their app will go live for Detroit residents in Q1 of 2017.

dtx_grad_proupEvolve Lifestyle Group, LLC –

Evolve Lifestyle Group’s premier product, Pro:Up, offers students a one-stop platform to discover real-world opportunities to help them discover what they love to do. Through a custom matching system, Pro:Up connects users to educational and professional growth opportunities, like summer programs, internships, and jobs. Pro:Up helps opportunity providers attract ideal candidates through a more efficient outreach channel. Not only can providers directly reach a national database of high school youth, Pro:Up’s custom referral system ensures that their opportunities are being promoted to a highly targeted and relevant audience.

Class of 2015

CarePRN, LLC –

CarePRN was founded to improve the quality of life within the home care continuum. CarePRN is a trusted digital marketplace providing on-demand and scheduled access to certified in-home care. The three major challenges of providing and receiving home healthcare are: (1) Scheduling (2) Trust and (3) Quality. The problem is particularly acute for adult children who provide round-the-clock care for elderly parents as the need for constant attention places significant constraints on the caregiver’s freedom. CarePRN seeks to address this growing problem with one easy-to-use web application.

Lokai, LLC –

Lokai is a mobile app that helps people rediscover their cities. This platform allows users to create and find micro-entertainment around them. These activities can range from a snowball fight to the opening of a secret bar. Lokai will fuel the local ecosystem and use technology to connect individuals in the non-virtual world. Lokai- get out there.

dtx_grad_myswimproMySwimPro, LLC –

MySwimPro is a web and mobile platform that helps swimmers achieve their goals through custom workouts, training plans and coaching. MySwimPro’s mantra is to empower aquatic prowess for all levels of swimmers and the company’s culture is built around this concept. The MySwimPro platform enhances the lives of beginner fitness swimmers, elite triathletes, and everyone in-between. This is achieved by replacing the current un-motivating and largely inaccessible method of accessing structured training with a smartphone-based personal swim coach that provides workouts which are personalized for each person’s swimming goals.

dtx_grad_synthslideSyntheslide, LLC –

Syntheslide is a digital pathology start-up company focused on cost effective mobile whole slide image production. Syntheslide’s premier product is a a universally standardizing portable mechanism that connects your cell phone to a microscope ocular. This is used in conjunction with a mobile application to not only capture images of what the human eye would see through a microscope lens, but to also stitch these individual images into a complete digital pathology slide. Our device, app, and protocol has application beyond whole slide imaging production in a variety of clinical settings.

thebroekappSWIC Tech, Inc. –

The Broke App aims to help banks retain college students by redesigning the current mobile banking application so banks can reach, teach, and retain students by engaging them on how to build wealth for the future based on their current spending approaches. Broke aims to do this by contextualizing students’ spending to help them go beyond tracking and understand the “why” their money is spent the way it is.

Class of 2016

EnBiologics, LLC –

EnBiologics LLC is veterinary wound care company offering a scientifically backed natural product, HoneyCure™. The company hopes to address the companion animal care market but will focus its initial activities in equine care. Our product is currently available for direct sale in South-Eastern Michigan, our first geographical focus and test market, and from our website (www., Our current plan is to test our business model in Michigan and then to expand across the U.S. using a network of distributors, catalogers and websites.