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10.23.13 Meet our newest class of Labs Venture Accelerator entrepreneurs!

On Monday, we welcomed our latest Labs Venture Accelerator class! We’re so excited to work with these 24 amazing entrepreneurs for the next 12 weeks. Be sure to keep tabs on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on their progress.

David Coleman

Prateek Bhatnagar
Parth Khanna

Networkingout, LLC
Terrence Thompson
Shawn Blanchard
Armond Harris

RC Square Technologies
Nassif Rayess
Jeffrey Senecal

Assistive Robotics, LLC
Sandy Yost
Chris Smalley

BNJ Technology Group, LLC
Joseph L. Beaman

Roni Leibovitch

Chemo Buddy
Shannon Tucker
Bridget Grier
Diann Tucker

Gary Monteiro

Karanth Genomics LLC
Prakash Karanth

Steven Dara
Anthony Shepard

Better Baby Buckle
Ashley Childers
Aaron Kokotovich
Kristin Furwa

And our entrepreneurs without company names at the moment but with great ideas:
Phill Coleman
Tim Paul
Austin Faulkner
Foad Karimian