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11.19.12 This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for…

As we look forward to Thanksgiving week, my heart is filled with gratitude and I am humbled by the continual presence of miracles in my life. At home, my husband, who is a first grade teacher dedicated to inspiring our next generation of thinkers and leaders, moves me daily and supports the path I’ve chosen, which has me away from home more often than not. He does both willingly and with grace and enthusiasm. Our children, Emily, Eric and Delaney, are extraordinary, creative beings and generally leave me rapt in awe of their ability to achieve things beyond any realm of conscious comprehension.

At TechTown, everyday I am blessed to work with a team of professionals who are tirelessly committed to creating entrepreneurial energy and opportunity for Detroiters. They do not ask when the work day is over. They do not say we can’t do that. Rather, every moment of every day they’re by my side developing impacting programming to change the face of the economic landscape in Detroit.

I am grateful for our partners who come to the table with open minds to create real solutions in real time. Leaving their egos at the door, they gather with us to get at the issues we face.  Together, we are highlighting the power of our assets in the city, empowering our inventors, creators, dreamers and neighbors to leave their mark on this place we all call home.

I am overcome with gratitude and stand in awe of all of you and everything you do to make this life a wondrous journey for me.

Happy Thanksgiving.