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7.1.13 What’s uniquely awesome about your company?


This week, I was reminded of one crucial element of any business strategy: Understanding your unique awesomeness! Too often, we get caught up in the nuts and bolts of our business. For technology companies, those nuts and bolts are about the technology itself. For service companies, they’re the services you provide. For product companies, you guessed it, they’re the product you sell.

While those things are important, they are not necessarily your company’s unique awesomeness. Most often, the uniqueness can be found in how your client feels or is assisted, improved or influenced by having engaged with your company.

At TechTown, we regularly work with companies to identify their unique awesomeness. For one company with a gun safety technology, awesomeness rests with saving lives without compromising the time it takes to effectively engage a firearm. For another, awesomeness rests with personal energy saved and ends with happy people eating at places characterized by personal endorsement without lengthy, distracting reviews.

We too, need to understand our unique awesomeness and have spent quite a bit of time thinking about it. We know, that as a member of an integrated network of entrepreneurial support providers, our collective awesomeness relates to time. As our organizations work together to support entrepreneurs, something wonderful happens: THEY SAVE TIME. What does that mean? When entrepreneurs engage with our network, they build their first team faster. They secure funding faster.  They get to market faster. And, if there isn’t a market for their product or service or the business model they’ve designed is flawed, they find out faster.

Doing all of these things faster saves resources for the entrepreneur and the network. Doing more, with less, faster. That is unique and awesome.

At TechTown, we know our unique awesomeness is our commitment to engage with the network openly, honestly, productively and without ego to serve our mutual client, the entrepreneur, to the greater end goal of creating a vibrant regional economy.

I urge you take the time to think deeply about your unique awesomeness. It is truly clarifying and moves the noise out of the way, allowing you to focus on achieving extraordinary things for your customers and your business.