Diana Goode


Diana Goode

Chief Finance Officer


Diana Goode is the Chief Finance Officer of TechTown Detroit and Finance Director at Wayne State University. She has been involved in the TechTown and Wayne State University ecosystem for years and was previously with TechTown as CFO/COO from 2015-2016. She then joined in various roles across Wayne State University over the last eight years including the CFO of Wayne Health and the Sr. Vice President of Finance and Treasury for Wayne State University. Additionally, she has taught accounting and finance at both Wayne State University and Walsh College. Diana earned a Master of Science in Finance and a Bachelor of Accountancy from Walsh College.

Diana is a strategically oriented executive with over ten years of executive leadership experience in finance, operations, and administrative processes. Diana takes a hands-on leadership approach and is skilled at building cross-functional teams to improve the organization’s financial position and operational processes.

When she’s not at TechTown, she spends her time hiking, biking, watching (not playing) tennis, renovating homes, and hanging out with her husband and four daughters!