Programs For Tech Startups

TechTown can help you validate your tech idea, conduct customer discovery interviews, gain sales traction, optimize operations and access capital. We now support mobility innovators with ideas, innovative technologies or tech startups that involve the movement of people, products, information and services in cost-efficient, energy efficient and accessible ways. View our portfolio of tech-based clients.


Start Studio

One of the most inclusive and supportive tech-based startup programs in the region, Start Studio is designed for aspiring startup founders with a tech-based business idea they want to test in the real world. Start Studio Discovery is focused on validating early tech ideas through customer discovery interviews while Start Studio MVP helps founders to create revenue-generating MVPs.

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Scale Studio

Scale Studio is a multiweek program is for established, revenue-generating service and consulting-based companies. The program focuses on helping participants document and convert their intellectual property into tech-enabled content through weekly online sessions and coaching. Scale Studio simplifies the tech process while giving founders tools to reach their revenue goals and elevate their business.

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A highly focused program to help tech startups with a revenue-generating minimum viable product establish their path to recurring, predictable revenue. Traction aids founders in optimizing sales processes through biweekly meetings, weekly tracking and a sales leaderboard.

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Capital supports entrepreneurs who have completed a TechTown program, or who are part of the TechTown community, with access to capital to grow or scale their business. Recognizing that funding is often a barrier to growth, we are committed to providing content, resources and tangible tools to access funding.

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MedHealth is a regional collaboration connecting, convening, and educating the medical innovation ecosystem in Southeast Michigan and Southwest Ontario to accelerate the adoption of technologies that improve quality of care and contribute to economic growth.

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The Mobility Accelerator Innovation Network (MAIN) is one of six initiatives of the Global Epicenter of Mobility (GEM) that works to create partner alignment and opportunities to support more fundable, accessible and successful mobility companies. TechTown Detroit serves as the lead for MAIN in collaboration with seven partner organizations.

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