Tech-Based Client Portfolio

TechTown has worked with hundreds of emerging and premier tech-based and tech-enabled organizations. The Tech Client Portfolio highlights the variety of tech businesses we’ve served and collaborated with. Check out the organizations by category. Visit their sites to learn about their specific offerings and impact.

CrowdFreak Inc hyperlinkAdvertising Tech/Media
Empathy 313 LLC Advertising Tech/Media
Frugal on the Fly hyperlinkAdvertising Tech/Media
LLC - Locally Loyal Coffee Advertising Tech/Media
Mainstreet Mob hyperlinkAdvertising Tech/Media
Needs 2 Wants Advertising Tech/Media
Sole Alert Advertising Tech/Media
Sprechar Tech Media Advertising Tech/Media
BattTrans LLC Alternative Energy
ENRG Power Systems LLC Alternative Energy
HNZE Canopy Alternative Energy
PAYG Natural Gas System Alternative Energy
Amour All Naturals hyperlinkConsumer Products
Heira Consumer Products
Identilock/Sentinl Inc. hyperlinkConsumer Products
ILERA, LLC dba ILERA Apothecary Consumer Products
Jezzabella Design Innovations (JDI) Consumer Products
Lillian Augusta hyperlinkConsumer Products
Nothing To Wear LLC hyperlinkConsumer Products
Recette Consumer Products
Strybe Consumer Products
Sui Consumer Products
Anonacy hyperlinkCybersecurity
Tech Lady, LLC hyperlinkCybersecurity
2 Minute Teachables hyperlinkEducation Tech
Detroit Unveiled Education Tech
EduTechDiva Enterprises hyperlinkEducation Tech
Empathive Education Tech
Eros Meets Agape, LLC hyperlinkEducation Tech
Eyeres hyperlinkEducation Tech
ForHerCosmetics hyperlinkEducation Tech
Give A Lifeline Education Tech
Momo's Book Club hyperlinkEducation Tech
Music Mentor Education Tech
New Normal Digital (NND), Inc hyperlinkEducation Tech
Pairaphrase hyperlinkEducation Tech
Play$mart Education Tech
Skilled-Tec Education Tech
Speak Easy Education Tech
The Lab Drawer hyperlinkEducation Tech
Thinking Habitats hyperlinkEducation Tech
Workforce eTraining Solutions LLC Education Tech
Your Financial Insight, LLC Education Tech
AirRands/OmniHyve hyperlinkEnterprise
Backboard hyperlinkEnterprise
Clicktivated hyperlinkEnterprise
NixCode/Tequity hyperlinkEnterprise
RevKeep/Health Application Systems hyperlinkEnterprise
CivicsConnection LLC Government Tech
D3MPLES Government Tech
Qualicon, LLC Government Tech
Brandbase Human Resources
CNTRL.EDU Human Resources
Hexient Solutions Human Resources
Hyper Human Resources
knoME hyperlinkHuman Resources
Livefor Human Resources
B.E.A.A.R. Life Sciences
Eagleview Imaging hyperlinkLife Sciences
EnBiologics/HoneyCure hyperlinkLife Sciences
GripSphere Life Sciences
Silvitex Life Sciences
Total Analysis Life Sciences
Agent Bee Agency hyperlinkLogistics
Indigo Packaging and Consulting hyperlinkLogistics
INDUIRO, INC. hyperlinkLogistics
Livegistics, LLC hyperlinkLogistics
Rivet hyperlinkLogistics
Trip Slip hyperlinkLogistics
Vopio Technologies hyperlinkLogistics
Athlytic hyperlinkMarketplace
Backstreet Bites, LLC Marketplace
Bar Drop LLC/Dro Drop hyperlinkMarketplace
Becoming Ghanaian LLC hyperlinkMarketplace
Beebe Arts LLC hyperlinkMarketplace
BRICKLAYR Marketplace
Coif hyperlinkMarketplace
Defyne Hair hyperlinkMarketplace
Detroit Maid/Clean Break hyperlinkMarketplace
DineNfly Marketplace
Guilde hyperlinkMarketplace
Hair PEACE Marketplace
Hair Scout Marketplace
HoopRun Marketplace
La Factoria Marketplace
Maximize Solutions Marketplace
Mechanicus (Auto Repair App) Marketplace
MentorMatch Marketplace
MyMall Marketplace
NeverGivApp Marketplace
Partners for America's Classrooms L3C Marketplace
Reckreate Marketplace
Shack Buddy hyperlinkMarketplace
Student Exchange Marketplace
Gas App Mobility
Nepo Mobility
Petal Transport hyperlinkMobility
Tappy Technology Mobility
TTM Group LLC Mobility
TyFlos Mobility
UBook Freight hyperlinkMobility
United Villages Mobility
7 Diamonds Computer Tech-Center Other
Abea Startup Studios hyperlinkOther
Crowd Other
ezDay Tech Other
Grind Essentials Agency, LLC hyperlinkOther
Iconiclass LLC hyperlinkOther
PBA Royal Performing Arts and Training School hyperlinkOther
Pet Shadow Other
Peteva Other
Shoe Doctor hyperlinkOther
The Human Friend/The Shady Paws Other
Unlimited Prosperity Company Other
Detroit Ento Sustainability
HiGi Energy Sustainability
Hydrotec Solutions Private Limited hyperlinkSustainability
Nextiles hyperlinkSustainability
Repela hyperlinkSustainability
WasteNOT App Sustainability
OnArrival hyperlinkTravel/Entertainment/Gaming
Parrot Technologies Travel/Entertainment/Gaming
Project Vibe Travel/Entertainment/Gaming
The Reflects Effects System Travel/Entertainment/Gaming
Totago hyperlinkTravel/Entertainment/Gaming
Urban Electronic Games/Kaimon LLC hyperlinkWeb3
365 Guard Wellness
Coping Companion Wellness
DietID hyperlinkWellness
Empower Partner Wellness
FitFort LLC Wellness
G.R.A.C.E (suicide prevention) Wellness
Health-e-Bound Wellness
Mayfield Athletics hyperlinkWellness
Motor City Med Tech hyperlinkWellness
My Gold Lining LLC Wellness
Tranzmt Inc. (Safewrd) hyperlinkWellness
UrbanDocz/TeleHealth 4 Everyone Wellness

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