Our Mission


TechTown is Detroit’s entrepreneurship hub. We help tech startups and small businesses develop, launch and grow. By opening doors to opportunity, we strengthen our city, neighborhoods and economy.


We envision a meaningful and equitable revitalization of Detroit through the launch and sustainable growth of tech startups and small businesses that create new jobs, generate revenue, and strengthen neighborhoods.


TechTown works for the betterment of the community by cultivating a stronger entrepreneurial spirit in our region and serve to inspire future aspirations. We are a human-centered organization focused on and dedicated to fostering an environment that builds community and provides equitable opportunities for our staff, tenants, clients, and alumni to thrive. We believe our core values of Inclusion, Humanity, Collaboration, Accessibility, Curiosity and Excellence best reflect and demonstrate TechTown’s commitment to being a best-in-class organization and entrepreneurial hub.

Values Overview

Inclusion Icon. TechTown Values.

Inclusion – We have an uncompromising adherence to growing an inclusive organization that reflects the diversity of our community and embraces people of all cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, and identities.

Humanity Icon. TechTown values.

Humanity We care about the overall well-being of individuals and treat team members, clients and community with respect and care.  

Collaboration icon. TechTown values

Collaboration – We work together to achieve our common goals. We serve as convenors, facilitating collaboration, connections, and communication between ourselves and for our community.

Accessibility icon. TechTown values

Accessibility – We are a welcoming community. We provide all team members and clients with tools to assist their growth and ensure people have the support they need to lean into their exceptionalism.  

Curiosity icon. TechTown values.

Curiosity – We stay curious, consistently exploring new ideas and ways of thinking to continuously improve our work and be innovators in our field.

Excellence icon. TechTown values.

Excellence – We are committed to exceptional quality and service. We champion the practice of build, measure, learn to execute our best work for the organization, our clients, and our community.