Professional Services Network

The Professional Service Network is an opportunity for industry leaders, entrepreneurs and corporate volunteers to share their expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs and startups seeking to establish or expand a business. Areas of expertise include marketing and branding, sales, accounting, finance, human resources, e-commerce, technology, operations, management, business development and much more. Volunteers donate their time through a free 25-minute consultation as part of our Ask an Expert program and receive a summary of their hours at the end of the year as a donation to TechTown, which is a nonprofit organization.

Complete the form below and become a vital member of the Detroit ecosystem by enriching aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in the Detroit community.

There are many ways to participate in our PSN, including:

Ask an Expert: Consultations with entrepreneurs at TechTown or at our satellite offices. You may offer consultations once a year, once a month or once a week, depending on schedules and demand.

• Client engagement: Direct engagement with a business. Commitments vary based on the client’s milestone plan. Services may include: legal (entity formation, contract drafting), accounting (tax preparation, chart of accounts preparation), marketing (brand identity package, social media templates, website development, public relations plans), architecture and design services, etc.

• Workshops and roundtables: One-time or multi-session presentations on topics related to PSN members’ subject-area expertise.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our PSN, fill out the form below.