Scale Studio

Scale Studio is a TechTown Detroit program for established, revenue-generating service companies. Scale Studio focuses on helping participants to document and convert their intellectual property into monetized education or infotainment-based content. We offer six weeks of support via weekly online sessions and weekly coaching sessions with experts.

Participants work toward three key outcomes:

  • Establishing a tech-enabled aspect of their business
  • Generating reliable, recurring revenue from the tech side
  • Operating the tech side profitably
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Program qualifications

The ideal candidate for Scale Studio: 

  • Is a service-based business owner who is committed to scaling their business and reaching their revenue goals. 
  • Has a clear understanding of their target audience and current business model, and are willing to explore new technologies and strategies to improve their services. 
  • Has a dedicated team and a minimum of 24 months of business experience, and ready to take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey. 

Our program is designed for those who can commit to weekly virtual meetings for a six-week period and are ready to do whatever it takes to digitally transform their business and scale it to the next level. If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply for Scale Studio and take your business to the next level! 


Applications are currently being accepted – we invite you to complete an application to be considered for Cohort 4!

Program timeline 

Official dates coming soon!