Raina Baker


Raina Baker

Outreach and Engagement Manager, Tech-based Programs


Raina Baker is a program management, communications, and arts & culture professional dedicated to supporting marginalized groups, youth empowerment, community engagement, social impact, and equity. A storyteller and curator, Raina fully believes in providing access, creating authentic experiences, and platforms for education and expression which helps to build more equitable communities.

Raina currently serves as the Manager of Tech-Based programs. She looks forward to strengthening relationships with Metro Detroit entrepreneurs and visionaries. Before joining the team, she led communications strategies, co-led fundraising events, and supported, developed, and executed community, cultural, and educational programs throughout the City of Detroit.

A 2013 graduate of the John H. Johnson School of Communications, Howard University, and a current graduate communications student at Wayne State University, Raina believes in using language and communications to empower people through unique storytelling, programs, and events, she is driven by the opportunities to celebrate what is best about Detroit – the creativity and the resilience.

Raina is a poet/writer, a womanist, doula, a lover of music, dance, and books, a critic of culture and communications, a seeker of knowledge, a Marvel fan, and a wellness enthusiast who believes in leading with nuance and the intersections of her identity. Of all her titles, what she is most honored to be called is a mother. Raina has two children who consistently teach her new ways of imagining and being