A crazy, perfect idea

by Ned Staebler It’s been a busy two months since I became CEO of TechTown, succeeding the indomitable Leslie Lynn Smith. And in this time, there is one refrain I have heard more than any other: “Are you crazy?” Not because this isn’t a great gig, mind you. But because it is a demanding position,…

Hacking Health in the Name of International Collaboration

By Joanna Dueweke Day One Immediately as the event began on Friday afternoon, TechTown was filled with the hum of excited developers, designers, healthcare professionals, business-minds, and volunteers. They were all gathered in this place, together, because they are believers in making a difference in human lives. Hacking Health is a Canadian-born event that brings…

Meet Charlie Moret

Haven’t met Charlie Moret? He’s TechTown’s managing director of entrepreneurial programs, a veteran of the technology innovation and entrepreneurial space, and is opening his office door twice a month to discuss your business questions. Anything related to tech-based entrepreneurship is fair game.

Year of change, growth paves the way for 2013

The TechTown team has been blessed with the opportunity to do amazing work in an extraordinary city. We have learned, adjusted, grown, contracted and expanded as needed to target our efforts. Through it all, we’ve remained committed to being an indispensible participant of an entrepreneurial ecosystem working tirelessly to catapult Detroit into a vibrant future filled with opportunity and promise.

Talk of the TechTown

Detroit is home to the third highest concentration of design professionals in the U.S., attracts entrepreneurs by the minute and has one of the best platforms for turning ideas into companies. Curtis Johnson, president of the Citistates Group, tells Model D why TechTown is one of the catalysts for this growth.

Techonomy Detroit: Is Detroit the Next Berlin?

On Wednesday, Sept. 12, innovators, executives, entrepreneurs, academics and thought leaders from technology, business, government and design will assemble at Wayne State University to discuss the far-reaching potential of technology-enabled change to accelerate economic, urban and social progress at Techonomy Detroit.

Startup SOUP: Pitches for cash stir up promise

Soup. Startups. Two seemingly disconnected ideas, right? Wrong. In Detroit, the most disparate concepts can come together to make magic, and this past Friday night they did exactly that. TechTown, in partnership with the committed folks from Detroit SOUP joined forces to highlight start-up entrepreneurs in the city and give them some critical seed funding.