TBIC Clients

CarePRN provides on-demand in-home care services through the utilization of the internet and mobile technologies to bring certified home care providers together with people who are in need of immediate help.

COIF INC. provides on-demand mobile hair styling and makeup services. The web and mobile app streamlines the mobile styling process, allowing men or women to schedule an appointment at their location, select a style and then wait for the stylist to show up. It allows busy people and professionals to work their styling needs into their own schedule.

Detroit Artist and Business Institute is dedicated to helping artists create their strong and profitable business through mindful education, strong industry connections and financially sustainable, sales opportunities. DABI’s founder and CEO, Andrea Rosenfeld, fine artist and business consultant, guides creative, small business owners to higher confidence and greater sales. She offers private consulting sessions, workshops and 8-week courses to groups of students. In addition to teaching courses and workshops throughout southeastern Michigan, Andrea speaks of creative business strategies and the state of art & design in Detroit at events, seminars and conferences.

Detroit Ento is Michigan’s first prototyping farm specializing in insects for food, feed, and pharmaceutical purposes. With the development of vertically integrated farm modules, Detroit Ento provides efficient, nutritious, environmentally friendly protein alternatives while creating food security and economic development opportunities around Detroit.

EagleView Imaging Inc. is a development stage Michigan company, developing computerized 3D imaging technology to help surgeons and radiologists in intervention planning, diagnostics and specialty training. The company is currently in the early stage of market and customer discovery and product definition. The venture is led by Zhifeng Kou, a professor at WSU and conducting research at Harper Hospital. He has partnered with a software technologist to support product development.

Enbiologics is veterinary wound care company offering a scientifically backed natural product, HoneyCure™. The concept for the product and business was initially explored by its founders, recent WSU biomedical engineering graduates Sean Carroll and Ramy Habib, at the DTX Launch Detroit student start-up accelerator at TechTown Detroit and the company was formed in the fall of 2016.  The company hopes to address the companion animal care market but will focus its initial activities in equine care. The product is currently available for direct sale in South-Eastern Michigan, and from our website (www. enbiologics.com, www.honeycure.us).

Hobart-Mayfield LLC is a sports equipment company aiming to impact the sports community by providing safer sports equipment by developing an impact reducing football facemask clip.

OPNR is an online platform that is built and engineered to service the independent music community by connecting music artists and concert organizers.

Pool That LLC. is an online mobile carpooling/shared commuting platform that aggregates and helps coordinate the trips of everyday folks who commute from similar origins to similar destinations.

Rizzar is content creation marketing platform for millennials.

Spectalite is a women-owned advanced engineering material manufacturer creating lightweight, strong, durable, economical and sustainable plastics and composites material by incorporating bamboo. The materials are primarily used in the packaging, home and housewares and automotive industries because of the weight, sustainability, and cost advantages.

TOTAGO is a transportation-focused web and mobile app that makes it easier to find and plan hiking trips and other outdoor activities using public transit and other car-free transportation.