In response to COVID-19, TechTown has evolved its SWOT City program and has collaborated with other partners in delivering 313 STRONG. While many of the features Detroit small businesses have loved about SWOT City remain, 313 STRONG adds additional resources and a broadened approach to serve small businesses across Detroit, Highland Park, and Hamtramck.  

SWOT City is a customized support program for brick-and-mortar small businesses in Detroit neighborhoods. Our staff of passionate, skilled professionals provides one-on-one assistance to help launch, stabilize and grow local businesses and strengthen neighborhood commercial districts.

How it works

Businesses typically start by completing other Blocks programs, such as Retail Boot Camp, or by attending Open Office Hours, which are hosted once a month at each of our neighborhood offices. Businesses may also connect with us through our education and networking events or by contacting us at blocks@techtowndetroit.org.

What we do

Once eligibility is established, we complete a comprehensive interview which includes a thorough SWOT analysis. From here, we develop an immediately actionable milestone plan, which serves as the foundation for our partnership. Then, through one-on-one, customized coaching, we help:

  • Determine priorities, define strategies and set actionable goals
  • Develop and refine growth plans
  • Identify and navigate processes, including real estate purchase/leasing, permitting and licensing, grants and loans
  • Connect to a broad network of tools and resources, including technical assistance, subject matter experts, sources of capital and professional services. Following the engagement period, we provide ongoing assistance on an as-needed basis.

Who we work with

SWOT City is currently working in six Detroit neighborhoods, in partnership with community-based organizations: Brightmoor (Brightmoor Alliance), East Jefferson (Jefferson East, Inc. and Eastside Community Network), Grandmont Rosedale (Grandmont Rosedale Development Corp.), Osborn (Osborn Neighborhood Alliance), Southwest Detroit (FREC) and University District. We have offices in each neighborhood.

We work with

businesses in our six neighborhoods who:

  • Have or are preparing to open a brick-and-mortar business
  • Are incorporated or willing to work with our team to become incorporated.
  • Are tax compliant or willing to work with our team to become tax compliant
  • Have the potential to hire
  • Are committed to undertaking all steps necessary to launch, stabilize or grow